Now your choices are replenished and now is the perfect time to start binging! In addition, he also works as a video producer, writing and recording scripts for our video team and editing videos for TechJunkie's YouTube channel. Feminist filmmakers telling the stories of women in new and interesting ways help to push women's issues into the cultural mainstream and highlight societal problems that otherwise may have been overlooked. Hey!! Watch all you want. While researching illegal doping, he becomes friends with the Russian doctor that is helping him take performance-enhancing drugs that will prevent him from being caught using them. Hey!! Watch all you want. Voici mon top 5 séries/documentaires à regarder sur Netflix ! Her performance marked the first time an African-American woman headlined the festival, and with the performance streamed online, she received critical praise for the set’s use of honoring black history while performing music from across her entire career. claim the film argues is false. Pumping Iron. Jim: The James Foley Story. UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIES. With the help of his daughter and her filmmaking crew, the film follows Dick Johnson as his impending death is demonstrated on film again and again and again, with hilarious results from violent “accidents.” The film is truly bittersweet, showing the close relationship between father and daughter while also demonstrating what’s coming in due time. Most true crime documentaries revolve around murder or other similarly-grim crimes. The coverage of Tilikum includes. Biographies Watch Documentary Now. William graduated from SUNY Fredonia in 2016 with a degree in Video Production, and lives in Buffalo, NY. Of course, you don’t need to stick to fiction when you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix. We’ve limited this list to feature-length documentaries, but if you’re more interested in docuseries focused on crime, you may want to check out our separate list on that very topic here. Roger Stone, known as a master in the dark arts of politics, plants the seeds that allow businessmen and moguls such as Donald Trump to enter the political arena and upend the establishment.Bank, DiMauro and Pehme began filming with Roger Stone in late 2011 after Pehme had met Stone at a political function. 11 The Jamie Maussan Show UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIES. It’s shot on location but is entirely fictionalized as they’re chased down by radiated beings. The harassment becomes too much for both girls to handle; when they both try to attempt suicide, one of them tragically dies. Other people interviewed include former SeaWorld trainers, such as John Hargrove, who describe their experiences with Tilikum and other captive whales. View on Netflix. We've sifted through the streaming platform for the 10 best to watch right now. JOIN NOW SIGN IN. (Photo by Courtesy Netflix) The 58 Best Netflix Documentaries and Docuseries. Inspired by a New Yorker article by writer Jeffrey Toobin, the filmmakers embarked on a five-year journey to make a documentary about Stone in order to tell the story of his transformative effect on modern politics–which reaches its climax in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States of America. The film follows the entire saga of this lawsuit, from the original sex tape publication by Gawker to the financial backing of Peter Thiel, all the way through the closure of Gawker Media after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Nina Simone lived an incredible life, one you can find out about in the documentary What Happened, Miss Simone?. More from What To Watch on Netflix. The documentaries and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, including Wired, Uproxx & IMDB. Luckily, Netflix has some of our favorite dance documentaries available for streaming. 2020 TV-MA 1h 25m Music. ... -to-day lives seem mundane. JOIN NOW SIGN IN. 20 Best Documentaries Streaming on Netflix Now [January 2021] William Sattelberg William has been with TechJunkie since 2017, writing about smartphones, games, streaming media, and anything else that technology touches in our current age. Following a scam-filled music festival that preyed on rich millennials on Instagram, the film follows the building of the Fyre Festival, from its induction to the nightmare of its downfall. Whether it’s a crime documentary, cooking docuseries or a historical masterpiece, Netflix has you covered. Ava Duvernay's 13th continues to serve as an educational tool for those who are unaware of the many injustices this country continues to inflict on the black community. Here are our Netflix guides for the best war movies, documentaries, anime, movies based on true stories, and comedy specials streaming right now. 2014 TV-PG 1h 30m Documentary Films. This true-crime tale about the murder case of Steven Avery became an instant Netflix binge when it hit the streaming service. The best documentaries aren't just the ones you hear about during Academy Award season. And films like Amy and Gaga: Five Foot Two tell the stories of powerful women in entertainment, and how the press, their fans, and their personal lives have impacted their work. Sometimes, standard documentaries don't cut the mustard. The film explores sexual assault and the use of social media in bullying and cyberbullying, and what can be done to combat this issues moving forward. Casting JonBenet is streaming on Netflix. The Least Expected Day: Inside the Movistar Team 2019. From murder, mayhem, madness and tigers to a sex trafficking scandal that hit the headlines, Netflix has a … Netflix Netflix. New Documentaries on Netflix in January 2021. Starring: Taylor Swift. It’s an especially interesting look at Taylor Swift after an extremely busy 2020, where she released two twin albums with an all-new sound, and a more personal approach. DUBAI: Netflix is set to release a documentary on the discovery of 59 sealed sarcophagi from the ancient necropolis of Saqqara, outside Cairo. So next time you're settling down for a night in, look no further for what to watch; these films are sure to leave you inspired and even more in love with ballet. Watch all you want. Netflix has some awesome and informative documentaries available and according to IMDb, these are the best of them. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. The 9 Dirtiest Documentaries You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now. Documentaries following and surrounding singers and bands can often feel a bit forced, and that’s exactly what sets Miss Americana apart from the pack. A number of Netflix’s most popular educational documentaries, including Our Planet, Babies, and Ava DuVernay’s 13th, are available to stream free on YouTube. Your email address will not be published. Just a simple weekly newsletter with the latest Firestick, Netflix, Roku, and general cut the cord tips and tricks. Heads up to those of you who use Netflix: the acclaimed documentary “Finding Vivian Maier” is now available on the streaming service. Sure, the service has the potential to keep us glued to the couch, but at least it provides the opportunity to learn quite […] These are the 25 best documentaries on Netflix to watch right now: 25. We always have to keep in mind that a Documentary, after all, can tell lies and it can tell lies because it lays claim to a form of veracity which fiction doesn't.Some of the documentaries are made just to discredit some particular person, party, organization, system etc, but most of them here on TDF are non biased, without prejudice and worth watching. Netflix Netflix. To find out which titles are available for educational screenings, visit and search for the title or browse our recent and upcoming releases.. Pro cycling’s Movistar Team sets their sights on victory while on the road as they face challenges, controversy and internal conflict. If you love learning about unsolved murders, bank heists, kidnappings, and controversial cults, watch these true crime Netflix documentaries. Marsha P. Johnson earned her place in the activism hall of rights. Thankfully, streaming services like Netflix are stepping up to the plate. The Best Drama Movies on Netflix Right Now, The Best TV Shows on Netflix (January 2021), The Best Foreign Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now, The Best Independent Movies on Netflix Right Now. The doctor, Dr. Rodchenkov, eventually grows to trust Fogel enough to let it slip that Russia is planning on using a state-sponsored Olympic doping program that will allow their athletes to compete at higher levels than other nations. The film, a Netflix original documentary, follows activist Victoria Cruz as she dives into the details and history surrounding the mysterious death of Johnson in 1992, when Johnson was found in the Hudson River after the 1992 Pride Parade. Paired best as a partner film to Man on the Moon, Jim & Andy is affecting as it is alienating. The film won an Emmy, and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary. Watch on Netflix Spitfire: The Plane that Changed the World (2018) There were many aircraft that flew over the skies of World War II, but the Spitfire is revered as one of history’s greatest. Without further ado, these are the best documentaries on Netflix. The film is timely, if a bit scattershot between the two narratives, but well-worth a watch. Contact Us | Privacy Policy | TOS | All Rights Reserved. Amanda Knox is a haunting documentary on what happens when the entire system turns against you; it’s a must-watch, but will leave you shaken. On est sur Netflix ! 6 Cycling Documentaries to Watch on Netflix Right Now By Brian Kendall Few things keep a hardcore cyclist from their daily ride: inclement weather bordering on code-red regional emergencies, asteroids colliding with the earth, inexplicable raging fires or, perhaps, other major apocalyptic scenarios (maybe). Le 6 janvier 2021 sort sur Netflix un documentaire balayant la vie, la carrière et la retraite du basketteur français. Watch it on Netflix. Taking place in two separate cities in California and Missouri, the film follows Audrie Pott and Daisy Coleman, two teenage girls who were sexually assaulted by people they considered friends after becoming intoxicated at a party. Enter your e-mail below and we'll send you our best streaming tips weekly for the Firestick, Roku, your Smart TV. A Netflix original film released in 2017, Casting JonBenet is one of the more unique documentaries featured on this list. Eligible movies are ranked based on their Adjusted Scores. When word slips out to the public about the program, Fogel realizes his friend is in danger, leading to Rodchenkov giving a testimony in the United States once he is flown outside of Russia. We'll also make sure you're on top of the latest Netflix and Prime releases. 2020 TV-MA 1 Season Sports & Fitness. Netflix's first ever Oscar nominee, The Square peels back the news headlines and TV reportage to document the human side of 2011's Arab Spring in … Updated: June 5, 2019. Cowperthwaite also focuses on SeaWorld’s claims that lifespans of orcas in captivity are comparable to those in the wild, typically 30 years for males and 50 years for females, a claim the film argues is false. Sometimes, standard documentaries don't … Although true crime entertainment has been around forever, it really hit its stride in the last decade thanks to Netflix. One, an 18-year-old man named Guðmundur Einarsson, first disappeared in January, last seen by a motorist.