Despite purposely aiming for one or two potholes I couldn't fluster the new Hornet in any way, rolling on and off the throttle through mile after mile of fast turns was a veritable walk in the park. Front brake is awesome, rear could be better. The Mot ran out in Feb 2018. It looked pretty much identical to a 600 with only 1 brake disc on the front wheel. I love the engine, smooth power low down and a very noticeable power band up top. Compared to the great character & sound of the ZZR it's dull. Use it only for work commute in heavy traffic, it's Golf-like there. Had my little hornet about three years now and it's a great little bike, it's just quick enough to hang with my friends who have sportsbikes, but it's also comfortable enough to tootle with my mates who have cruisers. Big problem to get the engine going again, and some issues with fuel hose folding shut. This bike would be great as a commuter because it was easy to ride and slip through traffic. Tyres have done 5,000km rear and 10,000km front (250€ per set). Motor is voorzien van windscherm, hyperpro vering, sp spiegels en st. 2002. Smoother, more refined version of an already accomplished middleweight. Upgrade the rear shock too - I was fortunately to have an Ohlins on mine and the comfort is amazing. Changed brake pads... but that is standard service after worn 100€ (with brake fluid service) Although Honda claim to have not changed the carb set-up on the new model, it felt so much smoother than the '04 Hornet we tested a few months before. Uitlaat Scorpion Factory Titanium Rond geen e-keur - Honda CB 600 Hornet 20. The engine is bullet proof and provided you keep it spinning it goes like stink, handling is excellent with a new hagon shock and avon st storms fitted. Great value holder. I Improved my forks by using 5 denser fork oil than standard (only do if your seals go,as standard is ok). Good brakes with lots of feedback. No unwanted vibrations at any speed, no hesitation and even in top gear at 15mph the new bike pulls beautifully without any judder. But will it still offer up the vibey ride and shonky tank range of its top-selling predecessor? Road salt and infrequent washing will still cause heavy corrosion though. It is worth around 2000 now. No mechanical problems though. Honda cb600f hornet acceleration, sound, 0-100 & more (35kw) Otherwise confident-inspiring machine, at least with MPR4 on it. I've had my Hornet for going on 4 years now and still think that it's a great all-rounder. But had Honda listened to the buying public and sorted the new bike? Budget motorcycle means budget equipment levels. Aftermarket brake pads increase bite. At the same time though, she's very comforatble, making it a pleasure to ride over long distances. This bike fit's the bill prefect...Faster than a bandit & not as common...(yet). I know I had been giving the new Hornet a bit of a hard time but it is all the more annoying when you remove the seat and see all the open, wasted space beneath that could so easily accommodate a litre or more fuel. View the best 2002 Honda CB 600 (Hornet) (hornet) motorcycle pictures uploaded by users all over the world Yamaha’s FZ6 is better equipped and is available with a fairing while Kawasaki’s Z750 has more poke. So for 2005 Honda knew it would have to make some changes if it wanted to joust for that illustrious top spot once more. I find I hit reserve after around 100 miles and then when I fill up, I put in about 10 litres until it's full. That said, she's always been very forgiving, even on those rare 'torrential rain' occasions and I've never felt out of my depth on her. Now the bike is running so well and it's an absolute joy to ride. It's hot to sit on in summer as well, when stopped the cooling fan blows the heat up your legs. A very capable all rounder. Version: Last of carb model with upside down forks. In the last couple of years the battery has since died and its now a non runner. Didn't start well on cold mornings, the battery kept going flat even when used daily, and the killswitch played once leaving me stranded at work. the engine feels as though it could go on forever. Click here to sell a used 2007 Honda CB 600 F Hornet or advertise any other MC for sale.You can list all 2007 Honda CB 600 F Hornet available and also sign up for e-mail notification when such bikes are advertised in the future. I love it and it has got soul. I bought a 98 hornet for commuting, I am impressed on how it can take off like a scolded cat when asked to but will also inspire confidence, only draw back is the low tank range. the acceleration at around 8-9000 rpms was pretty cool. Read the riders' comments at the bike's discussion group.And check out the bike's reliability, repair costs, etc. In tegenstelling tot de Hornet 900 één uitlaat, zijdelings en hoog gemonteerd. On a different note, if you have ever thought of going to France by bike either with friends or on your own but are a bit intimidated about going for the first time have a look at ,it is an excellent way of getting a feal for riding in France which is the best place to ride so close to home. I had an 98 Hornet 600 which was a real nice bike. Its comfy for full days in the saddle, quick & fun for the twisties, & economical giving 40-60 mpg. I rode the new hornet and my (new) 98 suspension is as good. Visordown Newsletter By signing up to the newsletter you agree to receive emails from that may occasionally include promotional content. Met een voorraad van meer dan 250.000 gebruikte motorfiets onderdelen is Boonstra Parts de motor demontage specialist van Nederland. honda cb 600 hornet 2013 - abs Honda cb 600 hornet 2013 24.000 Km matgrijs onberispelijke staat, er hoeft niets aan gedaan te worden, rijklaar. Good power delivery, not brutal, very good for a beginner. Wasn't looked after, so I took it in as a project ( ин, пробіг 20 тис. The most obvious update was of course to the front suspension. Nothing , this engine runs like a jewel and power all the way up the rev range .....Carbs are still better than fuel injection IMHO if set up well..... if you back off the gas , you can just scrape 50mpg if you ride like a vicar (old one). The standard of finish was pretty good though. She even comfortably keeps up with litre bikes through the bends, making quite an impressive machine. Ultra-reliable, stylish, comfortable and easy to ride both around town and at a reasonable pace. Straightline power is a little lower than my pals CBR600F, but through the twisties I'm on his tail all the time. Inspect technical data. It's also a wise idea to keep the exhaust side of the engine clean and ACF50'd up when riding in the wet / winter as corrosion can get pretty bad and when you ever come to remove the oil cooler or exhaust studs you want a chance of getting those things off. All good maybe a bit sore on fuel this depending on how u ride , Good comfortable bike in all conditions but standard brakes just ok, Not a lot of power or performance but if I was looking power I would buy a blade.! Продавець Рома на AUTO.RIA In this day and age a bike that isn't capable of covering much more than 100 miles is, in my mind, a bit poor. The CB600F Hornet comes with few bells and whistles but it doesn’t really need them. Not what I expected from a Honda, especially as I bought it in mint condition with low mileage. That reasonably forgiving nature not withstanding, when she's asked to, she goes like a greased gazelle up a drain pipe and simply exudes grin factor! It makes for added kick. Levertijd: 3-7 dagen, als het langer duurt nemen we contact met je op. Zeer mooie honda cb900f hornet in de unieke kleur mat zwart!! If you rev it hard it can eat some oil...need to check every 2500km and refill. Honda CB 900F Hornet, alle specificaties en prijzen in de motorbase van Motor.NL. The tank range is an issue, around town I get about 70 miles then 20 on reserve but normally fill up at 60 miles. The Hornet has always been a well-sorted bike. All Honda CB 900F Hornet motorcycle specs. I would definatly have another Hornet 600 were it not for the tank range, I loved it. I never bought my bike brand new and since then it’s had many upgrades, that’s why I’ve made this a 5 star I love the fact it’s so easy to personalise, My preferred tyres are Pirelli Diablo. Strengths: Ease of use. After owning CBR's FZR's and the last an R6 thought it was time to chill. For the beginner I am it is an excellent machine, this is the best selling point of the Hornet to me. The front suspension gave much better feeling and feedback, and in no time the footrests were scraping as I found myself hanging off the bike in full 'trackday' mode trying to set a new lap record around the Spanish hills. Honda’s regular problems (regulator/rectifier plus cam chain tensioners) are the only gripes. Had mine out not too long ago, Hit 150 m.p.h and still had 6th left. Neutral riding postion & it uses ths CBR mill. Bought sight unseen on impulse on ebay from a skint bloke in Scotland.. it's a peach! That said, once it's all done, she's still fairly comfortable, even if I'm taking a pillion as well. MPG. In Europe it topped the two-wheeler sales charts in 2001 and finishing runner-up to the SH150 in 2002 … As my engine is restricted to 33bhp, I can't comment on the true effectiveness of the engine either, yet even now it is responsive and smooth and allows me to accelerate quickly out of all manners of hazards, and the 45mpg I'm averaging is nice too. I am a stick to the speed limits slow rider, but even I give this loaner a bit of stick. Uitlaat GPR Slip-On GHISA met e-keur - HONDA HORNET CB 600 F PC 34-36 1998-€ 326,34. Test ridden lots of other bikes, but the hornet suits me just fine.The only bike that I'd change for would be the 2007 hornet (in blue). In Europe it topped the two-wheeler sales charts in 2001 and finishing runner-up to the SH150 in 2002 and 2003. Seriously...why? On the pro side it was an absolute bargain (less than 1 000 quid). It's not a bike you have to put a lot of effort in to get where you want to go, so the first couple of miles or so I ambled out of town and headed towards the hills to see how well the new model would cope once the pace was upped. The Honda CB600F Hornet shrugs off miles (including winter ones) better than most Japanese bikes. Mirrors work fine, the gear change can be a bit clunky sometimes but is fine overall. I only had a 05 plate Hornet for a day as a courtesy bike as my new CBF500 was in for some minor warranty work.